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Let us help you grow your organization!

Sage Warfield is a boutique B2B consulting firm dedicated to improving business processes & operations, increasing cash flow, and building world-class sales teams. Through an onsite and hands-on approach to management and leadership, we serve as a catalyst for our clients growth and profitability through improvements in efficiency, productivity, and performance. This is the Sage Warfield difference. In essence, our success depends on your success...which is why we make your goals our goals!

B2B Sales consulting industries & market segments we serve

Traditional creative and directional media such as radio, television, newspaper, billboard. and yellow pages (traditional and electronic) are still vital tools for businesses to recover lost customers and maintain an upward growth curve.

Business services include value-added products or services that are sold through B2B channels. Examples include (but are not limited to) lead generation and marketing, pre-paid legal, financial services such as banking and AR/inventory factoring, outsourced services (such as HR, accounting, and staffing), and website sales.

Digital media advertising and marketing  includes SEO, SEM, paid search, pay-per-click (and all of its derivatives), paid search (such as Google Adwords), and social networking through websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Forrester projects that B2B e-commerce sales will reach $559 billion by December 31, 2013. Although online B2B sales were a fragment of B2C sales just five years ago, B2B now exceeds B2C by more than a 2-to-1 margin and we expect this trend to continue.

Hosted software applications often provide businesses with a higher quality software than they could purchase or create on their own while not having to incur the IT related costs of programming, equipment, and maintenance.

Sage Warfiled assists most sales organizations within the B2B channel provided that they maintain a short sales cycle (less than ninety days) and sell their products or services directly to decision makers in a simple sales environment (as opposed to a complex sales environment where there are multiple decision-makers from multiple departments).







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