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Who handles the termination of sales people during a sales turnaround assignment?

Will Sage Warfield handle the termination of employment directly?


We can, and have, but it really depends upon the situation and desired outcome outside of the termination itself.


More often than not, it is not necessary to have Sage Warfield handle dismissals. Our normal protocol is that terminations continue to be handled according to the standard company practice.


However, if it is necessary to change the culture of an entire sales division that is complacent where sweeping changes are necessary, it may be beneficial to allow us to handle the terminations.


In complacent sales divisions, the sales reps often don't respect their sales managers nor their authority. When we handle the firing, it sends a message to the remaining complacent team that there is a change in philosophy...or better stated, a new way of doing things and that the company is backing our initiative 100%.  


The remaining staff quickly understands that a lack of discipline and accountability do indeed have a consequence.


We will make recommendations to our client's senior leadership, but they make the final decision on how they would like to carry out terminations.


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