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Sage Warfield is a boutique B2B consulting firm dedicated to improving business processes & operations, increasing cash flow, and building world-class sales teams. Through an onsite and hands-on approach to management and leadership, we serve as a catalyst for our clients growth and profitability through improvements in efficiency, productivity, and performance. This is the Sage Warfield difference. In essence, our success depends on your success...which is why we make your goals our goals!

How does the interim sales management program work?

Temporary Transitional Sales Management


What we do


Sage Warfield Sales Consutling provides interim sales management, sales leadership, and sales executives on a temporary basis for sales organizations conducting business in one of our core industries and markets. (opens in new window)


Our approach to interim sales management and leadership


We approach a temporary assignment with the same tenacity that we do with a sales turnaround engagement. We step in and immediately assume the leadership role of the team; providing vision and direction; establishing goals, roles, and expecations; coaching and training; inspiring and motivating. To learn more about how we assume the leadership role for your team, read our article, "Taking over a new sales team: The initial sales team meeting." (opens in new window)


Who will lead our team?


This depends on who is available during your time of need. Typically, the demand for an interim sales manager or executive is sudden and needs to be filled with little or no notice. Contrary to our approach with a sales turnaround engagement (where we only allow directors or partners to lead your team), we do allow associates to handle interim management duties. Associates have been trained on Sage's systems an processes, however, they do not yet have the experience of a director or partner.


However, if a director or partner is available for your short-notice interim management assignment, our preference is to have them lead your sales team due to their tremendous experience and successful track record of sales results.


Time Commitment


There is a minimum thirty-day commitment for interim sales management staff. Also, the term automatically renews each month unless fourteen days notice of cancellation is tendered by the client.


Fees and Costs


The fees and costs for interim sales management are based on the skill-level of the person assuming the leadership role of your team. Since there is a significant delta in experience between a Sage Warfield partner and an associate, there is also a significant variance in interim sales management fees.


While we would prefer to publish a flat rate just as we do in our sales turnaround consulting business, it is not a viable option since our billable rate also varies depending on current projects and the pipeline of future implementation engagements. As a benchmark for you, however, we can state that the high-end range for an interim sales manager/leader is around $20-60k per month.


Interim sales management fees are paid in advance of each monthly assignment term along with an additional deposit to be drawn against actual travel and other business related expenses.

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