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Sage Warfield is a boutique B2B consulting firm dedicated to improving business processes & operations, increasing cash flow, and building world-class sales teams. Through an onsite and hands-on approach to management and leadership, we serve as a catalyst for our clients growth and profitability through improvements in efficiency, productivity, and performance. This is the Sage Warfield difference. In essence, our success depends on your success...which is why we make your goals our goals!

How does the sales turnaround process work

Improving your team's sales results. Get ready for liftoff!


Our mission is to increase your sales results per head by at least 30% within ninety days. Results of this magnitude typically take years to achieve, but Sage Warfield believes that future sales success can just as easily happen today. One of our favorite expressions is: "If it's gonna happen then---we can make it happen now."


Do we always achieve these sales results in just ninety days? No, but with the right company support behind us we typically surpass this and have even achieved triple digit growth on a number of occasions. Due to the aggressive timelines, we need to jump in and get started as your leadership team on day one.


We approach a sales turnaround or sales force effectiveness engagement just as though we are your newly hired permanent sales leader.


Prior to starting with onsite leadership of your team, we conduct discussions with company leadership both inside and outside of the sales organization. The sales organization's goals and priorities are clearly identified and compared to corporate strategic plans. Sales results are reviewed on a macro and micro level, performance metrics and KPI's are analyzed, the nuances of the compensation plan and any incentive programs are assessed, turnover levels are evaluated, and we get the answers to a laundry list of other areas that need to be unveiled before we begin.


When we hit the ground, we hit the ground running. We assemble the team, and provide them with a vision of where we are going to go together. We provide the sales team with direction and show them how they are going to get there. For more information regarding taking over a new sales team and the initial sales team meeting, please read our article "Taking over a new sales team: The initial team meeting." (opens in new window) 


Once the initial sales team meeting breaks, we immediately begin conducting field sales coaching observation and analysis. This allows us to identify issues regarding sales management coaching, the mental state of the sales reps, and issues concerning the product and the sales process. Skip-level meetings are also initiated on day one, and from there we continue to develop the sales team day after day until the job is accomplished.


There are far too many variables involved in the art and science of sales to illuminate our entire sales acceleration strategy and process here. But in a nutshell, we combine the technical fundamentals of X's and O's (the science of sales and sales management) with the science of sales behavioral psychology and the art of salesmanship to create a world-class sales team.


When the dust settles, we are confident that your sales team will produce results much greater than you previously thought were possible.

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