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Sage Warfield is a boutique B2B consulting firm dedicated to improving business processes & operations, increasing cash flow, and building world-class sales teams. Through an onsite and hands-on approach to management and leadership, we serve as a catalyst for our clients growth and profitability through improvements in efficiency, productivity, and performance. This is the Sage Warfield difference. In essence, our success depends on your success...which is why we make your goals our goals!

If we have six sales divisions, how long will the entire sales turnaround process take?

We limit our sales consulting assignment to a amaximum of two sales divisions at a time; a two division turnaround normally lasts for 120 days or four months.


Using this timetable, the math tells us that a company with a de-centralized sales force of six divisions will be completed in about a year.


Why do we limit ourselves to a max of two divisions simultaneously?


Here are a couple (but not all) reasons for this approach:


1. We need the support of the entire client company behind us. If we conduct more than two divisional turnarounds simultaneously, it will spread our client's resources too thin. The non-sales departmental leaders and executives will be spending too much time with the sales growth and acceleration project and not enough time with their core job requirements.


2. Each sales division is unique...no two are facing identical challenges. Tackling the separate issues of more than two divisions simultaneously is very complex and an unnecessary (and unproductive) strain on Sage Warfield's resources.


Our approach does take longer than a nationwide rollout, but the upside is much higher and the results more consistent. In the long run, we are confident that your sales revenue will be significantly greater using the Sage Warfield approach to multi-division turnarounds.


For more information, you can check out our case study on a multi-division sales turnaround. (opens in new window)

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