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Sage Warfield is a boutique B2B consulting firm dedicated to improving business processes & operations, increasing cash flow, and building world-class sales teams. Through an onsite and hands-on approach to management and leadership, we serve as a catalyst for our clients growth and profitability through improvements in efficiency, productivity, and performance. This is the Sage Warfield difference. In essence, our success depends on your success...which is why we make your goals our goals!

Our Science: Sales Behavioral Psychology

Why choose Sage


Our Objective

As the founding pioneers in the science of Sales Behavioral Psychology, Sage Warfield’s objective in its continued study and development is to advance prior I/O work and further adapt it to the sales arena in order to maximize individual human potential.


Sales Research: Methodology

We utilize a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods in concert with each other to accomplish our objectives.  The two are not mutually exclusive.


Quantitative methods include differential and inferential statistics (such as correlation, multiple regression, and hierarchical linear modeling a.k.a. multilevel modeling). Qualitative research and implementation is based on various observational techniques including skip-level meetings, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and case studies which often include field-level multivariate experiments.


Qualitative Research Example

One qualitative technique which we have employed is a sales-adapted version of John Flanagan’s “Critical Incident Technique”. Using Flanagan’s model, we use qualified observers (external sales professionals and sales managers) in order to describe a positive or negative sales workplace incident.


Objectivity is insured when multiple observers separately define the incident in the same way. By asking observers to also advise what could have been done differently in order to alter the outcome, we receive critical feedback necessary to alter sales behavior and influence future outcomes.


Corporate Criticism Concerning the Use of Psychology in the Workplace

Some corporate executives and sales leaders have been critical of psychological disciplines (such as behavioral, humanistic, and positive psychology) being utilized in the workplace as too subjective, and Flanagan’s work regarding “Critical Incident Technique” commonly falls under similar scrutiny.


All research, whether qualitative or quantitative, requires some form of interpretation. The key to solidifying interpretive properties of sales behavioral research is triangulation. Essentially, no one piece of information acts as a basis for a conclusion; instead, the convergence of both qualitative and quantitative information is used to solidify a theory.


Building a B2B Sales Organization: Why Current Approaches Don’t Work

Why is it that many B2B Sales organizations struggle to achieve even marginal incremental growth while Sage Warfield averages 30% growth in 90 days?


One of the reasons is that most B2B sales organizations take an industrialized approach to building a successful sales team.


Sales strategy is aligned with structured processes and systems with a goal of achieving consistent sales results. Failure often leads to a change in the strategy or process; meanwhile, individual psychological influence and its role in the failure are seldom adequately addressed or considered.


The subsequent changes made to strategy and process will seldom yield consistent and/or sustained improvement. More importantly, these constant shifts in direction or philosophy create confusion and dissension amongst both front-line managers and sales reps resulting in dissatisfaction and, ultimately, poor performance.


Sage Warfield’s study of sales organizational framework and the influence of Sales Behavioral Psychology have repeatedly shown that poor sales performance is often not the fault of either sales strategy or sales process related elements.


Based on numerous case studies resulting from our field-level implementation, we have determined that there are an indeterminate amount of sales strategies and processes that can achieve a desired sales outcome. Sales organizations seeking the “perfect process” will continue to search in vain as a utopian industrialized approach to the art and science of sales simply is impossible to create.


The Missing Link Between the Status Quo and B2B Sales Excellence

An important element in our work is the identification, assessment, and influence of internal and external psychological sales-related factors and their relative impact on strategy and process.


Each individual processes these factors in a manner unique to their own psychological profile, and collectively they become the blueprint that aids in their sales success or failure. Often unknowingly to the individual, the influence of these elements governs their professional attitudes, beliefs, and ultimately determines their success or failure in sales and sales management.


Some examples of external influence which can impact sales performance are organizational culture, compensation & incentives, physical workplace environment, and product/service excellence. By contrast, internal influence stems from the relationship between the sales organization’s processes and systems and the individual’s unique psychological profile.


The Future of B2B Sales Organizational Success

The marginal results achieved through a sole focus on strategy and fundamentals are a function of a failure to connect the framework to the individual.


Through the use of Sales Behavioral Psychology to address internal and external elements impacting performance, we are able to fuse an individual connection between your people and your process. When this is achieved, sales personnel adopt behaviors that endorse (the company, the product, and the customer) and embrace (their role as difference-makers).


The result is increased productivity, improved results, and more satisfied employees. At Sage Warfield, it’s a key factor in how we achieve 30% sales growth in as little as ninety days.

Few B2B sales turnaround consulting firms can match the performance track record of Sage Warfield. We have never had a client that has not achieved double-digit sales growth at the division level within the first ninety days, and our average sales revenue increase exceeds thirty percent.

There are many great ideas that will jumpstart your sales organization. Advisory consulting firms deliver hundreds of pages of reports which identify problems and make recommendations. Unfortunately, without successful implementation, these efforts will ultimately fail. Sage Warfield is an implementation consultancy...not an advisory service. Our managing directors work full time with your sales organization in the field to insure that strategic vision is tactically implemented. This is paramount to insuring your success!

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What is Sales Behavioral Psychology?


Sales Behavioral Psychology is the application or extension of psychological facts and principals to the problems facing individuals within the context of a sales organization as they relate to sales productivity, performance, job satisfaction, and overall sales organizational success. Although not an official discipline within the APA, we classify it as a specialized sub-segment of Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology).

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Implementation Is The Difference

“ Upon arriving at Deluxe, I called Chris to turn around one of our struggling sales divisions. We tripled the sales revenue in both SEM and websites in less than ninety days. Chris' onsite leadership and management was instrumental to our success.”

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