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B2B Sales Turnaround Case Study: E-Commerce Startup - B2B Services

E-Commerce Startup – B2B Services - Building A Winning Sales Organization




This e-commerce startup delivers a suite of software and training which provides small businesses with a platform to expand their retail operations into the online arena. Using this startup’s tools, the client has the ability to integrate their existing inventory with national online retailers and distribution outlets which will lead to expansion of their market and increase their revenue. Since this is a new and unproven business model, the major challenge for this startup is selling the B2B client on its vision and pro-forma projections without being able to provide actual metrics to validate the actual return on investment.




A detailed business plan was created for the organization which outlined the strategy, market analysis, sales and marketing plan, and established timeline milestones. Sales collateral was created in the form of video and print media. The target prospect criterion was established, and more than 10,000 businesses were identified that met these criteria.


The country was divided into three regions: East, West, and Central. Seasoned sales and business development personnel were recruited and hired as Business Development Managers, and each were assigned a protected territory to canvass. SalesForce.com was implemented as the CRM, and then the sales process, sales collateral, prospect information, lead distribution, and pipeline management system were all integrated within the CRM.


Once the sales process was created, we implemented a sales training program to train the incoming staff. KPI’s and sales objectives were established, and benchmarks were established. During the first eight weeks, the sales process had to evolve based on the feedback obtained in the market. Therefore, it was critical that the BDM’s were aggressive in their outbound call activity to insure that the feedback sample size was large enough to validate the need for in-canvass adjustments.




B2B sales grew steadily during the first six months, and exceeded the sales objective by more than 200%. The company continued to expand its client base by at least 400% for three consecutive years. This resulted in the successful sale of the company in its fourth year of operation.





Our sales case studies are designed to provide you with a "big picture" snapshot of sales problems faced by various companies, the broad strategies used to guide the sales turnaround, and the subsequent results. Certainly there are many strategies that can accomplish a single desired result, however, the key to the success of any sales strategy resides within the implementation.


We pride ourselves on being experts in sales force turnaround implementation, and many of the specific tools and processes we use to accelerate sales are proprietary to Sage Warfield. While our website provides a plethora of tools, tips, and strategies for you to use on your own, our case studies do not contain an "IMPLEMENTATION" section in order to protect Sage Warfield's intellectual property. However, we welcome you to contact us directly if you have specific questions regarding implementation. We would love to hear from you, and will do our best to help.




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