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Sage Warfield is a boutique B2B consulting firm dedicated to improving business processes & operations, increasing cash flow, and building world-class sales teams. Through an onsite and hands-on approach to management and leadership, we serve as a catalyst for our clients growth and profitability through improvements in efficiency, productivity, and performance. This is the Sage Warfield difference. In essence, our success depends on your success...which is why we make your goals our goals!

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Why is Sage Warfield one of the most trusted and successful B2B sales consulting firms for B2B sales growth?

The best B2B sales consultants invoke change to accelerate sales. But what happens to your sales growth after the consultants leave?

Are sales performance metrics & KPI's preventing your B2B sales team from reaching peak performance?

Sage Warfield Managing Partner Chris Hickey provides video advice on how to help your B2B sales team make the leap from good to great.

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Hiring the right B2B sales consulting firm can be a daunting task. At Sage Warfield, we are just as discriminating in the client engagement process in order to insure our mutual success. While we are not the right fit for everyone, our clients share many unique characteristics. So what does our typical client look like?

Our clients are in the B2B sales arena only. We are an implementation sales consulting firm...not an advisory service. Therefore, our B2B sales clients have a strong and confident leadership team that is willing to let us step in and spearhead implementation on an interim basis in order to achieve their objectives.


Our clients have operations in traditional media advertising sales, digital media advertising and marketing (SEO, SEM, websites), B2B e-commerce sales, business services, and business software & SAAS.


Sage Warfield client partners have short sales cycles of typically less than ninety days, and our focus is on a simple, not complex, sales environment.



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Building a strong sales organization extends beyond the sales leadership, sales management, and the sales representatives. It is a process which involves a collaborative relationship with all of the functional departments within the organization in addition to corporate leadership executives.

Learn more about Sage Warfield leadership consulting>>

Sage Warfield believes that you don’t buy the horses, you make the horses. We help them to see themselves as champions before they run for the trophy, and then show them how to get there. Sage Warfield will help you to get your team into the winner's circle! Learn more about our approach to B2B sales consulting>>

Who is coaching your coaches? World-class sales results don’t occur due to management…they are the result of effective sales leadership. Sage Warfield focuses on turning adequate sales managers into outstanding sales leaders so that they are prepared to elevate the performance of each member of their team. Learn more about Sage Warfield sales management training>>

Have you lost a key sales executive? The abrupt loss of a sales leader due to resignation or termination is disruptive to a sales team. Sage Warfield can step in immediately with an experienced sales leader that is qualified to drive sales for your organization or division. Learn more about Sage Warfield interim sales management>>

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B2B Sales Leadership Advice To Help Your Team Make The Leap From Good To Great!

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